After inking deal with the Denver Public Library last year, streaming service Kanopy has opened a Denver office


Yet another Bay Area tech company has established a Denver outpost. This new arrival could mean more opportunities for local filmmakers to more broadly share their work.

Kanopy, a free-to-the-end-user streaming service with a focus on documentaries and “thoughtful entertainment,” set up shop in the WeWork location behind Union Station on June 1. The office will serve as the San Francisco-based company’s engineering hub, as well as a sales center and base for accounting and customer service.

So far only a handful of people work in the office, but it is expected to grow to 10 or 15 employees over the coming months, Kanopy CEO Olivia Humphrey said. Like other San Francisco-based tech firms that have established satellite offices in Denver in the last handful of years, Humphrey said, Kanopy views the city as a fit because of its skilled workforce, booming population and lower cost of living relative to the company’s home market.

“We feel like it’s a good and attractive fit for Kanopy in terms of attracting talent here,” Humphrey said. She hinted the company could recruit workers away from other California-based companies by offering them opportunities in Denver. “I’d rather actually move there as well.”

She also feels the high-growth company — on pace to double its revenue in 2019 over 2018 — will present an attractive opportunity for tech workers at local startups, particularly those who love film and are curious about the world around them.

The company provides its service to users by partnering with universities and libraries that foot the bill. As of last July, its fast-growing catalog of well over 30,000 titles has been available to anyone with a Denver Public Library card.

By opening a physical office in Denver, the company could provide more opportunities for local filmmakers Humphrey said.

“We already do have a good collection of films out of Colorado but absolutely I think there is an interesting film community in Denver that is going to be very fun for us to tap into,” Humphrey said.

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Author: Ken Roth