Denver Real Estate Scam: Forged Documents Cheated Elderly Woman In Home Sale, Says DA

DENVER, CO — A Denver real estate broker and two associates were charged with conspiring to trick sellers, including an elderly woman, by using forged documents in an attempt to purchase homes. Broker Gretchen Horst, 47, her business partner Amin Suliaman, 41 and a title agent, Linda Rogers, 46 were charged Sept. 29 with theft, conspiracy and forgery for interactions with property sellers between August and October, 2014, a statement from the Denver Co. District Attorney’s Office said.

The DA’s statement alleges Horst, whose Denver office is listed at 130 W. 10th Ave., worked with Suliaman, to pose as a buyer for two properties, even though he did not have funds to purchase the properties. In one case, between August and October, 2014, Horst and Suliaman convinced an elderly owner that her property was worth less than market price while Horst was supposedly acting as as an agent in the seller’s best interest. Horst and Suliaman allegedly forged bank statements and then allegedly conspired with Rogers to provide fraudulent closing documents which did not show the true buyers or their purchase price, to mask the true value of the seller’s property.

In a second case, in August, 2014, Horst allegedly also presented forged bank documents to fool a seller into thinking that Suliaman had sufficient funds to purchase a property and pay ernest money. When the sale later fell through, the sellers discovered no money had been deposited into and escrow for the sale, the DA’s statement said.

Court dates have not been scheduled yet for Horst and Suliaman. Rogers is scheduled to appear on October 26.

Image: Gretchen Horst, Amin Suliaman, Linda Rogers Courtesy: Denver Co. District Atty’s Office.

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